Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sewing Project

I recently started sewing.  My Mom sewed, my Grandma sewed and I had some sewing in Home EC in high school. So I have limited sewing exposure.

 I made a trip to the fabric store and picked out some fabric and a couple patterns. Let me tell ya......Sewing with a pattern and instructions is a little bit overwhelming when you have never done it before. But I took my time, read the directions (several times) and went for it!

So here is what I made....... A Market Bag!!

Won't this be great to take grocery shopping?!?!?!

This bag is a great size and is lined.
It is a double thickness of the fabric.
So I think it will be strong too


Before I started sewing, I read this book.
Very informative and easy to read and understand.
If you are thinking of starting to sew..... I recommend this book

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