Monday, May 10, 2010

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FIFO Can Tracker

Product Description

This first-in-first-out: FiFO Can Tracker system guarantees you’ll never have to deal with can expiration dates again because it rotates your food from oldest to newest.

● Front loading technology.
● Stores up to 54 soup size cans. Depending on your can sizes, the capacity of your system will vary.Every system is expandable to fit additional tracks.
● Each system is 12" tall, 16" wide, and 16" deep
● Trusted quality from the FiFO Storage™ brand

The patented front-loading technology from FiFO Storage™ allows for maximum storage capacity in limited space. Because of the first-in-first-out technology, you'll never have to go behind the system for can storage or access. The FiFO Can Tracker allows you to quickly organize your storage area and it automatically rotates cans. Its easy fit design also lets you store a variety of can sizes ranging from small tomato sauce to larger vegetable cans.

The FiFO Can Tracker can hold up to 54 soup size cans or 45 regular size cans. The FiFO Can Tracker has two can rotation levels. When the top row has finished rotating, the middle track will begin to rotate through.

At The Ready Store, we always focus on the QUALITY of our products first, rather than quantity because we want you to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

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