Sunday, June 19, 2011

The New and Improved Coupon Binder

This was my old coupon binder.
Just an accordion file divided into 12 categories.

I also had envelopes of subcategories in each section.

It got a little confusing remembering what was where......

So I ordered a  Coupon Binder Kit from 

I had started to price out making or buying all the parts and found
that it was cheaper just to buy the kit from

Here is the completed project. It took me about 5 hours
to put the binder all together, label, divide, sort and load everything.

I also had to make a run to the Office Supply Store
to get more section dividers and some card stock

I ended up with 42 category sections
covering everything from food to health and beauty items

I organized it to follow the layout of my favorite grocery store.
The one that gives double coupons!!

The sections are easy to read and get to,
 so if I decided to go somewhere else
it won't be a problem to find the right coupons.

I put in heavy card stock in the plastic holders
 so I could use each section front and back.
Increasing the amount of coupons I can store!

I ran out of the pretty paper so on the last few
I just used some index cards.

And here it is all loaded with coupons!

This was a bit of a task, I admit.
But as I was putting coupons in I noticed that I was
able to do it faster than with the old system.
And I can flip to a section and see what coupons I have in a matter of seconds.
This will help while I am looking at the weekly ads
and on shopping day.

So now I am ready for this weeks shopping trip!

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Jenn said...

Nice work! Some day I am going to have one of those binders. Some day.
Visiting you from the Barn Hop!

Anonymous said...

oooo i'm jealous! i just stick mine in the accordian type holder.
Visiting you from the Barn Hop!