Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know it is gross

ok....I know it is gross, but I just had to share my Kitchen injury.

I sliced a big hunk out of my right index finger when using my brand new (and very sharp) mandoline slicer.

Matt said he need to hire me a "keeper" to watch over me when he is not around.

But I know he just loves it when I wake him up and say "Honey, I cut myself and I can't get it to stop bleeding"

I know...... I'm a mess!


CatHerder said...

omg i have done that more than once....add to that all the burns on my arms and i look like a war victim...feel better

Janelle Anderson said...

YIKES!!! Don't you just hate when crap like this happens!! I get so mad at myself.

Oh, the floor is just about done and yes, you should come see it! We need to get Matt his tools back too.

We move to Florida sometime this summer or so is the plan now. He starts his new job in Sept.

Anonymous said...

On saturday i sliced the back of my thumb very similar but a bit deeper than the wound you have a picture of. im worried it wont gel and start to heal. also when i take the bandage off or try to get it off more like it(cuz them things r mighty sticky) it instantly starts bleeding like it did the moment the wound happened. how long did you take to recover and did you have to constantly keep it covered? the er dr told me to keep it fully covered and change the bandage when nessesary lol. im glad there is other people who have done this too!