Monday, July 12, 2010

How My SFG Grows - July 12

Here is my Square Foot Garden on July 12 2010

The Tomatoes are growing strong.
We got some turning red!
Almost time for some BLT's

The Cherry Tomatoes were probably 6 to 7 foot tall!
                                          Then we had some storms with high winds last week.
Most of the stems broke where the cages stopped.
I trimmed them all up and they seem to be doing well.

I took the pepper plants out.
They were just not growing. I am not sure why though.
I worked the dirt and planted some more
green beans

Carrots and spinach are doing well!

Lettuce is doing great too.
We had salads last week for dinner
with the Mesclun mix.
The Tom Thumb Lettuce will be ready this week I think!

I ended up pulling the mint plant out. It was starting to wander
and spread. I read you really need to keep them in check to
keep them from overtaking an area.
So your out Mint!

Here are the Blackberries!

Mandy was supervising while I was working in the Garden.

Good Job Mandy!

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