Monday, August 10, 2009


We picked up Molly from the Emergency Vet today.For those that don't know......she spent the weekend there in Renal Failure. She seemed to be feeling better today and looked much better than when we left her. We came home for a short visit so the other Dogs could say Hi and we could love on her. Then we took her to our Vet. He seemed a little optimistic. He said the good signs were that she was eating and peeing and pooping and still able to get around under her own power.
Matt wants to continue treatment as long as she shows improvement but if she doesn't at least we know that we did eveything possible. Basically....Best case scenario is we get her over this acute renal failure and then she would be able to come home and be on a diabetic diet and we (I) would have to give her subcutaneous fluid injections. She could be here with us until her end of days. Worst case.....she doesn't make out of the acute failure and she will have to be put down. We will make that decision after a couple more days on the IV fluids.

It has been a rough weekend. We were hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Lots of tears to say the least. Matt is a MESS! You know how he loves his Girls! I have been trying to stay strong for him but it has been hard. Most times we just end up holding each other and crying!

So keep our Molly in your prayers and we will keep you updated as we go along.



Robbyn said...

Oh man :( (((((((((Sending you all some hugs!)))))))


Susie Q said...

Oh and Matt and Molly have all been in my thoughts and prayers all day. This is such a hard time for you.She is a lucky loved and wanted. She has such a good life with you and Matt and bless you for that. Our pets are our babies and we know this pain and share it with you...I wish I could make it easier for you somehow...

Love to you all.