Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I had an idea....................

I had an idea while I was cleaning a mound of Potatoes from the Garden today.
I was thinking about how to store them and then in the background
an ad for those Steam and Mash Potatoes came on.
Light Bulb Moment............ I can make my own Steam and Mash Bags!!!!
I peeled and cut up the potatoes into cubes. Par boiled them until they were almost done.
(Still a little firm when poked with a fork)
Rinsed them and let them cool completely,
I then put them in a Food Saver Bag and vacuumed a little of the air out.
(I didn't want to squish the Potatoes!)
Then threw the bag in the Freezer.
Voila!!! My own Steam and Mash Bag
I was thinking you could do the Steam and Mash thing or use them as Hash Browns!
Am I smart or what??????

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