Thursday, May 28, 2009

Evacuation Lists

Matt and I took the time to make a list of items that we would take with us if we had to evacuate the house. Being the stockpilers and survivalist that we are, we have stuff all around the house. On this list we made sure to list the item and where it is found in the house.

This is our list.

5 Minutes until Evacuation
Cell Phones
Cell Phone Charger
Shoes/ Boots
Matt Bag
Carolyn Bag
Pet Emergency Kit
Dog Crates

10 minute until Evacuation items: * add to 5 minute items
Case of Bottled Water
Sleeping Bags
Crank Radio
Cold Weather Clothing- if applicable

30 minutes Evacuation List * add to above items
Hard Drive
Walkie Talkie
Fire Extinguisher
Rain Gear

If you have a few hours or days, add these items to the above
5 Gallon Containers of Gas
Canned Food Supply for 7 Days
Clothing- 7 Days Supply
Survival Books
Chain Saw
Cooking Utensils and Pans
Air Mattress


Jody M said...

Excellent. I have a list in my work desk (in addition to a 'go bag' at home) of things to grab if we have to get out fast. I, ah, work for FEMA at one of their fire/disaster libraries. You look at life a LOT differently after having worked in a place like this for a while!

Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

Carolyn, what are in the Matt and Carolyn bags? Eric and i really need to work on this list!!!