Friday, April 24, 2009

The Story of 2 Food Mills

I needed a Food Mill. So I started looking at them online. The price of a new, quality Food Mills is just plain CrAzY!

So I went to e-Bay to see what was up for grabs in the Auctions. They had Food Mills for sure and they were just like the ones my Mom and Grandma had! I had to have one!

I have been watching and bidding on Food Mills for the last couple days. I have been outbid and lost the auctions every time. So I was bound and determined to win. So I bid, placed my max bid at a competitive price. Then......just to be sure...... I bid on another one. I WILL NOT LOSE THIS TIME! Because you just know someone is gonna snipe you and win. That ain't happening this time Mister. I will win...........I bid on 2 Food Mills! guessed it....... I won both Auctions. I have 2 Food Mills en route to me right now! Oh the Auction frenzy of e-Bay. You gotta love it!

But aren't my Food Mills cool?!?!?!

1 comment:

ChristyACB said...

Be sure to tell us how they work when you get them. I'm also shopping for hand powered version of all the things I have.