Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's been a little crazy around here

It's been a little crazy around here................. Matt's Surgery, My Auto Accident, Family Christmas Parties, Me working, Matt not working. But we are getting by.

Matt getting around more and is feeling better. He has a follow up appointment on Tuesday with his Surgeon. Matt has been able to help a little more around the house in the past couple days so that has helped. He has been able to help with getting Dinner ready for us. I usually partially prepare something and all he has to do is add a few ingredients and cook it.

The Car is going to cost $975.00 to get fixed. Thank God for insurance. All we will have to pay is our deductible. No word on when we will get the car back.

Having the Family Christmas Parties here turned out great. It was a little more work but It was worth it to have Family here and spend time with them without having to worry to much about Matt getting worn out.

Things are going great at the new job. I have been answering calls all by myself for a couple weeks now. They say I am highly advanced and NO ONE has pick it up as quick as I have. I will train in the Office for a another month or two and then I will be on my own at home.

I am struggling a little bit with get a schedule down for working. I feel like I am neglecting the house because I am concentrating on work. I have made a priority out of taking care of me and my back so I CAN work. That takes an hour or more a day of PT and I have to get my 8 hours of sleep or I am dealing with my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. So some things around the house are slipping. Definitely not the way I kept house while I was not working. But I guess as the old saying goes......something has to give! Lord know when will get the Christmas Tree down..........

So it is all about the changes here in the Barber House. While it is a struggle now.....we will make it through.


ElleBee said...

Hang in there! Hope you guys have a fabulous New Year! :)

Twice as Nice said...

I know when I went back to work 4 years ago there were many changes. It takes time but you will get into a routine. Hope hubby is getting better :o)

Susie Q said...

I am so glad things are going well with work...and that Matt is improving and healing well.
It has been such a busy time for you of late...take care of yourself now!
I know about fibro..: ( and resting is improtant! Heck that tree can wait!